About Garner Electric, Portland and Central Oregon Electricians

35th Anniversary

Garner Electric is celebrating 35 years of being a customer first, family owned business.

Chuck Garner

Hailing from a long line of Electricians, Chuck Garner represents the third generation in a family proud of providing the highest level of quality electrical services. Chuck founded the Garner Electric Company in the Pacific Northwest in 1990. His formerly one-man shop has expanded to over 100 full-time employees and holds the title of being one of the largest new construction electrician company in the Pacific Northwest.

Known and respected throughout the Pacific Northwest, Chuck’s motto is, “We are only as good as our last project, that’s why 85% of our new customers are from referrals.” The difference you experience by working with Garner Electric is that they don’t just start strong… they FINISH strong! On time. On budget. Garner Electric is the best of the best!

“We make it happen”

Providing top-of-line electrical services to everyone from the single unit homeowner to the largest builder in the Pacific Northwest, each customer is treated with respect and each project is handled in a professional and efficient manner.